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"Double Trouble" reviews (ENG)

Readers who can remember the 70’s music scene will revel in what this album can evoke as well as shake. As for me? I’ll be digging out my flares and cranking up the volume – you heard it here first!
(Carl Buxton) Fireworks – Eng
Genuine English hard rock/blues from the 70s, (Free, Jeff Beck Group, Led Zeppelin, Cream, Humble Pie, Stones) with generous sprinklings of dusty American roots, played with the skill and experience that deserve the most important international stages.
(Enzo Curelli) It’s Still RnR To Me
Outstanding quality: technical skill but also heartfelt passion. And fun. Rock ‘n’ roll will never die. Somebody might talk about a vintage product. We’re not: so convincing is the band’s ability to transpose to the present-day the sound, the atmosphere and the inspiration from the The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Steve Ray Vaughan, creating rock music which, though having the flavour of the seventies, appears timeless such is the generosity and enthusiasm of those who perform it.
(Fulvio Paloscia) La Repubblica
High technical skill with a dusting of melancholic nostalgia and we find ourselves today with an album that cannot go unnoticed.
(Loris Gualdi) Music on TNT
To be honest the more I listen to this CD, the more I am bewitched.
(Klaus Petrovic) Italia di Metallo
A record of international ranking.
(Claudio Morsenchio) Jam Online
A vintage sound of unquestionable appeal and warmth.
(Fabio Vellata) True
This ‘Double Trouble’ is an excellent album which captures all the right flavours, a very enjoyable blend of moods, notes and feelings that catapult the audience into some out-of-the-way place in the States, between one gas station and another. ‘Double Trouble’ reflects images of an America from the 70s onto the lenses of our Raybans. It’s not merely nostalgic but fraught with promises and expectations. ‘Alone’ is one of these. A stunning track that I will never tire of listening to. And it’s certainly not the only one, given that the whole album continues along these lines without a break.
(Psychotron) Stereo
Echoes of Led Zeppelin and The Rolling Stones accompany these tracks from which stand out the sensational ‘Cute Evil Angel’ and ‘I Just Got Scared’. Thrilling stuff.
‘Double Trouble‘ hits the mark squarely and will certainly impress the fans of classical, quality rock.
(Fabrizio Manghi) Noize Italia
We may have been afraid that it was just a one-off production but here they are again, stronger than ever. A complete, varied piece of work, easy to listen to both on an instrumental and vocal level. Something you will listen to all in one go and that won’t disappoint you in any respect.
(Anna Minguzzi)
‘Double Trouble’ – great album, great band. Elvis Presley defined his making music as a constant irresistibile movement: “there are those who move their legs or click their fingers or sway from side to side. I do a bit of everything at the same time” – to try doing these things at the same time all you have to do is buy the CD and go and see them in concert. ‘Double Trouble’ is the shortest route to Toy-Land.
(Marie) Metalwave
A gutsy, passionate trip that goes right down to the heart; a musical journey through the sound that made rock invincible, like a long river of pain flowing through time. What strikes and overwhelms the listener is without doubt the marked vintage imprint, all Zeppelin and Stones from this Tuscan band, blending in with an irresistible humus of sound, made of torments of blues and veins of rock from which lyrics that taste of passion, of rebellion, of fire, and of art, of distortion and acoustics, perspire as if from the skin.
(Rod) Rock Garage
Love at first hearing, right from the scorching trailblazer ‘Drifter’. Warm, a little old-fashioned but at the same time refined sounds with a sophistication that never loses spontaneity. It’s the ensemble that is successful, the pathos and that dusty feeling without there being any affectation. They don’t sound like compositions of who is trying to clone the sounds of the 70s, more like created by those who come directly from that period, from that space and that time. Here we are looking for feeling rather than aiming at making an impact, a preference to express a state of mind rather than relying on technique, despite the fact that the quality of the latter is clearly perceivable. It’s an incredibly successful piece of work.
(Roberto Latini) Tempi Duri
It sure is a superband, this General Stratocuster and the Marshals, the name is as long as the career of its members. ‘Double Trouble’ is a CD that runs off fast, an accomplice being its 35 minute duration, but the impulse to press the repeat button and listen to it again is instinctive.
(Alessio Torluccio) Heavy Metal Webzine
Two years from their debut we can say that the element of surprise has now worn off and ‘Double Trouble’ has the difficult task to show that they are still convincing and inspired and at the same time offer proof of artistic growth. A double job which is carried out brilliantly. ‘Double Trouble’ is an extremely varied album offering nine totally different tracks with one common denominator: the same inspirational background. But for top bands this variety doesn’t mean disjointedness and that’s what counts when it comes to personality: General Stratocuster and the Marshals demonstrate with this second release that they are a band with a powerful, clear-cut identity.
(Saverio Comellini) Metallized
Plain, unvarnished rock music that hits you like a straight on the chin with every track.
(Silvano Martini) Last Music Rebel
Rock music that is a pleasure to listen to, as smooth and refreshing as a glass of lager.
(Daniele Nuti) Sirio 6070
Readers who can remember the 70’s music scene will revel in what this album can evoke as well as shake. As for me? I’ll be digging out my flares and cranking up the volume – you heard it here first!
(Carl Buxton) Fireworks – Eng
Sometimes you come across a band that are a gem, one that when you hear you need to hear more. I came across General Stratocuster and the Marshals and was instantly hooked, they have passion and heart in their music and to say that they are talented is a sheer understatement. They have just released Double Trouble, an album in which every songs in unique and different but yet has that lovely General Stratocuster unique signature. Every element that goes into the music is perfect, this was a band that I had to tell people about.
Phill Bruce (Wicked Spins Radio) – Eng
A group of tongue in cheek named Italians playing Rock n Roll, Blues may not sound the most obvious choice of listening, but give Double Trouble a moment of your time and you’ll suddenly be convinced that Florence, Italy is where this sort of music must be “at”!
(Steven Reid) Sea of Tranquillity – Eng